Cargo Club

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Largest sauna in the south of France
It's the sauna ship of your dreams: one deck with bar, locker rooms, and spa; the next with swimming pool, Turkish bath, and sauna -- not to mention the upper deck cabins, the smokehouse, and the engine room. What's more, sex club Small is part of the sprawling complex, as is the more clothing-inclusive Caffe Noir.


    • lazdplace
      lazdplace Over a year ago
      Hates it

      A Waste!
      So I had a quick stop in Marseilles on a Saturday night. I got to this sauna at 12:30 AM and they said they're closed. I just don't understand why a sauna would work bankers' hours on a Saturday!! It says they close at 2 AM but it is not true. They apparently close at 9 PM or something.